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We offer electrical services and repairs designed to get your home in working order and up to code.

Our electrical services include:

Electrical Service &Troubleshooting Diagnose and Solve Electrical Problems

Chandelier Installation Light Fixture Installation

Breaker Panel Upgrades Ceiling Fan Installation

Fuse Box Repairs Lighting Design

Wiring Lighting Maintenance

Switch and panel repair Machine Hookups

Electric cable repairs Electrical Maintenance and Repair

Emergency Service Calls Motor Hookups

AFCI/GFCI New Construction;

Aluminum Wiring Repair Phone Cabling

Attic Fans Recessed Can Lighting

Breaker Box Replacements Security Wiring

Royal Electricians services offer best electrical services in Gauteng Electrician areas all hours of the day or night.

Breaker Replacement Service Upgrades

Cable TV Wiring Speaker Wiring

Cat 5 Cabling Surge Protectors

Generator Interlock Kit Landscape Lighting

Water Heater Repairs Water Heater Installation

Smoke Detector Systems Microwave Circuits

Generator Installation Generator Repairs

Generator Maintenance Generator Transfer Switch Installation

Dryer Circuits Flat Panel TV Installation

Washer Circuits Chimney Exhaust Fan Installation

    Chandelier Installation                              Light Fixture Installation

    Breaker Panel Upgrades                          Ceiling Fan Installation

    Fuse Box Repairs                                        Lighting Design

    Wiring                                                            Lighting Maintenance

    Switch and panel repair                             Machine Hookups

    Electric cable repairs                                  Electrical Maintenance and Repair

    Emergency Service Calls                             Motor Hookups

    AFCI/GFCI                                                    New Construction

    Aluminum Wiring Repair                           Phone Cabling

    Attic Fans                                                     Recessed Can Lighting

    Breaker Box Replacements                     Security Wiring

    Breaker Replacement                                Service Upgrades

    Cable TV Wiring                                          Speaker Wiring

    Cat 5 Cabling                                             Surge Protectors

   Computer Networking                              Remodeling

    Dedicated Circuits                                      Hot Tubs

    EV Charging Station                                   Kitchen Renovations

    Generator Interlock Kit                             Landscape Lighting

    Water Heater Repairs                               Water Heater Installation

    Smoke Detector Systems                        Microwave Circuits

    Generator Installation                               Generator Repairs

    Generator Maintenance                           Generator Transfer Switch Installation

    Dryer Circuits                                               Flat Panel TV Installation

    Washer Circuits                                           Chimney Exhaust Fan Installation

Our Guarantee Your complete satisfaction with our electrical services and technicians is 100% guaranteed.

Zwartkop Electricians 0737464725

Zwartkop Electricians 0737464725